Bibi Tinsley was born and raised in Chicago during the fifties and sixties. According to her,  “The attempt by my parents and educators to turn me into a model of ladylike citizenry failed utterly.” Her exasperated parents had the wisdom to enroll her in an acting workshop at age six, and she spent over fifty years exploring the craft and art of acting, mostly in the theatre.
Coming of age in the sixties brought with it colorful adventures with marvelous people. On one of the roads taken she was introduced to The Kabbalah, and that led to her first foray into reading The Vedas. She has pursued the path of seeking truth and self-knowledge since that time many years ago.
She has been known to say, “Follow the Light always, and it will lead you to experience yourself authentically, and you will know Mysteries… and in that knowing you come closer and closer to knowing Who you are. Oh yeah... and don't leave your house without your sense of humor!”
One day in August, 1987, now a wife and mother, Bibi awakened to the cacophony of several hundred crows outside her bedroom window, as well as on the roof of her house and... she’s been learning their language ever since. She lives in Los Angeles with her partner and their two dogs.  She was recently guided to transition out of her acting career, and is now blissfully pursuing photography, writing, and podcasting.